Tree Decorating Tips and Requirements


Decatur City Parks and Rec Department and Decatur LLS team will have your beautiful 7’ tree standing and awaiting decoration by Dec 1, 2018. All trees must be decorated by Dec. 2 and will be displayed until January 1, 2019.
ALL decorations to be removed by Jan 5th. Trees will be mulched for community pick-up. This holiday event will offer great fun coming up with your own special theme and bringing family and friends to visit the park. Use your imagination and decorate your tree to represent your business, organization, or special theme! A “flyer box” may be posted beside your tree sign for public take-away flyers if you like.

Each tree will have a tag with the  sponsor number on it for easy location. You will receive your sponsor number by email before Dec 1.  If you have any problem finding your tree, please check in with: Christina Crawford (256) 476-0026 Signs will be placed after the tree is fully decorated.

Prior to check-in, a waiver must be signed by anyone who will be decorating your tree.

Decorations must be able to withstand the outdoor elements for a minimum of 30 days. Please make sure to use non-breakable ornaments made to be outside!

* Any color of SOLAR-LED light may be used. We recommend 800-1000 lights per tree. The more lights, the brighter and merrier your tree will be! Zip-ties should be used to secure the solar panels to the “top” of the trees to ensure maximum sun exposure.

* Zip-ties, pipe cleaners, or other light metal type ties should be used to secure your decorations. Ornament hooks will not keep your ornaments secure for 30 days. You may also want to secure ribbons and streamers in a manner that the wind will not blow them to one side of the tree.

* You may want to bring a step ladder to reach the upper branches. Trees are approximately 7 feet tall.

*  ALL decorations and ties must be removed by Jan 5th in order to mulch the trees.

Decorating Tips

* Your decorations should be rain and wind tolerant. The decorated trees will be standing outside in the elements for over 30 days! Mark your calendar to be ready to remove all decorations after New Year’s Day but before January 5th. Anything remaining on Jan. 5th will be discarded as the trees will be shredded for mulch.

* Larger decorations are easier to see

* Do NOT use water-soluble glue on ornaments or ornaments made with water-soluble glue. They will come apart in the rain.

* Do NOT use glass or fragile ornaments as they may break easily in the wind and rain.

* Do NOT use shredded tinsel or other small decorations that will blow off in the wind or be hard to clean

* Check your tree periodically throughout the event to ensure lights are working and decorations are secure.

For additional information email us at: